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Inventory Management

Operators of tank farms and terminals face many challenges: they need to handle highly valuable products safely and efficiently, and also track capacity and turnovers, monitor quality, prevent overfill, and reduce loading and unloading times.

Endress+Hauser helps you to find answers to today’s challenges. From easy monitoring of tank, silo and container levels through to highly accurate custody transfer Tank Gauging at tank farms and the automation of terminals, our Inventory Management Solutions help you to reduce inventory costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.

Fields of expertise

Inventory Control
Transparent business decisions based on facts and not on feelings: with our best-fit instrumentation and system components you get real-time measured data and consistent displayed stock values. The combination of hardware and software allows you to keep all inventories visible – you can even centrally monitor multiple plants or sites from the headquarters and increase your visibility over the entire company.

Tank Gauging
When every millimeter counts: we offer solutions to monitor the inventory of your tank with highly accurate and custody transfer certified Tank Gauging systems throughout refineries, tank farms, depots and terminals. Our state-of-the art solutions with web server technology allow easiest access to tank data and comprehensive data presentation.

Terminal Management
Ship to shore, tank to truck: with our Terminal Management systems, you can efficiently control the distribution of products such as oil, gas, chemicals, renewable fuels and alcohols. Loading and off-loading at terminals require detailed information on quantities and mass. We provide flow measurement and Tank Gauging systems which work together to allow you to manage and optimize your inventory.

Inventory Monitoring

The foundation for transparent business decisions

To select the best and most cost-effective measurement and inventory solution, the applications are typically segmented into “Inventory Control” and “Tank Gauging”. This is also reflected in the recommendations of the American Petroleum Institute (API), the leading organization for good practice in the Oil & Gas industry.

Inventory Control concerns questions like: Is the right product in the tank? Is it the right quantity? Can I reduce working capital by increasing throughput? When it comes to Tank Gauging, high accuracy, volume and mass calculations, and compliance with Weight & Measure requirements are typically needed. Weight & Measure comes into play in situations where the B2B trade or custom duties are based on level measurement, and volumes and mass are calculated from the level. This applies to tank farms, where oil and gas is stored, but also in the Food & Beverage industry, where palm oil or alcohols are traded and taxes or import duties have to be paid.

Your benefits

  • Accurate, safe and reliable measurement with high quality products designed together with customers to provide tailored solutions to your process requirements
  • Ease of performance in both the components and your plant, leading to savings in both capital and operational expenditure phases of the plant life cycle
  • Optimization and reduction of your inventories, thereby reduced tied capital
    Improved material availability and transparent business decision-making
Tankgauging – Master product transfers and inventories on a global scale

From simple monitoring and visualization of tanks through to management of complex product transfer operations: our modular solutions for Tank Gauging guarantee access to inventory data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our unique web-based Tank Gauging system offers the flexibility to access the required information from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) at any time. You can make the right decision – based on real time data available at your fingertips. The system complies with legal regulations and local laws, and is approved with global certifications (NMi, PTB…).

Freedom of choice with regard to the measuring technology
Guided wave radar or free space radar technologies are the best choice for a wide number of tank monitoring applications. On the other hand, servo technology is the best fit when it comes to monitoring LPG or LNG tanks, or when interface and density measurement is required.

Scalable solutions
Terminals, regional depots or small depots for airports and power plants have different requirements in terms of size and availability of data. Our systems can grow with the plant and increase availability with decentralized data storage or redundancy.

Approved systems
Our gauges and software are designed to comply with international metrological standards (e.g. OIML R85) in the oil and gas market. They are approved and certified by independent Weight & Measure authorities.

Your benefits

  • Safe and reliable custody transfer Tank Gauging through certified high-quality products with highest accuracies
  • Step-by-step migration of your plant instrumentation infrastructure and system to state-of-the-art technologies
  • Scalable redundancy from instruments to systems
Terminal Management – Manage the collection and transmission of data through the facility

Terminal Management systems manage the distribution of products. The importance of this topic is increasing more than ever before, owing to changes in markets, competition and in the regulatory and social environment. Despite the fact that these demands are well-known, the level of automation at many smaller petroleum product terminals remains relatively low. Even larger operations continue to suffer because of disconnected and fragmented systems. And with the growth of mergers, acquisitions and site expansions, many terminal owner-operators find themselves having to deal with different systems across their sites. This results in the substantial task of coordinating activities, collecting the required information, avoiding incidents, training operators, and supporting the aging system architecture. All in all, the process is very challenging.

Your benefits

  • Improved management of inventories based on complete solutions ranging from receipt of products to storage and delivery – for all applications, e.g. road, rail, ship and barge loading, depots and terminals
  • Custody transfer metering skids in conformity with API (American Petroleum Institute) and MID (Measuring Instrument Directive)
  • Enhanced accuracy and correct mass provided by high-quality products
Your safety is our mission

The storage and handling of flammable and toxic substances poses hazards for people and the environment. Endress+Hauser helps you strike the right balance between plant safety, optimized resources, increased uptime and lower costs.

Safety by design 

Our portfolio of instrumentation is designed to meet the needs of safe and reliable operation across industries. Functional safety requirements according to IEC 61508 and ISA documents are included by design. Proservo, Micropilot and Tank Side Monitor can be used in applications up to SIL3 with homogeneous redundancy.

Overfill prevention

Safety instrumentation by Endress+Hauser meets the requirements of API 2350 defined by the American Petroleum Institute to protect against storage tank overfill in petroleum facilities.

All of our products are designed and qualified in our independently certified laboratories. This includes the development of safety-related hardware and software.


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