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Parker Velcon CDFX™ Filters

After the 2010 Surabaya incident, pressure began to mount in the aerospace industry to ban SAP (Super Absorbing Polymer) monitoring technology from the filters used to refuel aircraft. This was the reason for Parker Velcon to immediately start developing a new filter technology for “into-plane” fueling. It was evident that there was no practical solution for replacing the absorbent SAP which would release zero downstream extractables.

For more information visit DIAL Filtration on stand A8

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1983-2023: Kenbri celebrates 40 years

This year Kenbri Fire Fighting celebrates its anniversary. The company was founded forty years ago by the Sterkman family in Ouddorp (South Holland) and after a move to Stellendam, Rex and Edwin Hobbel took over the helm.

Kenbri started out as supplier of industrial firefighting materials, and in the following four decades we have grown into the largest service provider in the Netherlands in the field of firefighting, from vehicles to installations and from fire fightings foams to watertender trucks. We offer advice, technical design and specialist projects with future-proof solutions regarding fire safety and control in the (petro-chemical) industry, offshore and fire fighting services.

Kenbri has grown into a company with four locations, Den Helder (offshore & maritime sector), Dedemsvaart (service of all types of firefighting vehicles), Beveren (petrochemicals & industry) and Numansdorp (headquarters: industry, new construction, maintenance of vehicles, rental). We are proud of this! We are proud of our company, our employees, our customers and our great brands. In our anniversary year we would also like to share this feeling with you, so keep an eye on our website and social media channels for our anniversary activities.

For more information visit Kenbri Fire Fighting on stand M23

Artemis 1 Mission – Witzenmann components on their way to the moon

NASA’s nearly 100-meter-high SLS (Space Launch System) moon rocket was successfully launched on November 16th 2022, as part of the Artemis 1 mission. The SLS maiden flight brings an Orion space capsule without crew from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, into lunar orbit. The capsule will orbit the moon for several weeks before being returned to Earth on course and finally steered into the Pacific.

For more information visit Witzenmann on stand M25

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The new materials should furthermore have a proven suitability for dirt filtration and hydrophobic technologies. Parker Velcon has chosen to develop a new brand technology CDFX ™ (Clean Dry Fuel eXtreme). The objective of this project is to provide from the outset a reliable product that is intrinsically safe in the defense against dirt and water.

When PARKER started this project years ago, there were high expectations about the performance of the CDFX monitor. The laboratory tests exceed these expectations with the result that PARKER has a very reliable, intrinsically safe product available. In close collaboration with the Energy Institute, Parker Velcon supported the development of the EI1588 Water Barrier specification for element qualification.

This rigorous specification includes for the most part the same tests and effluent requirements in the traditional EI1583 fuel filter monitor specification. The 21 tests in this specification include resistance to emulsified and free water, solids filtration / soil removal, resistance to salt water and DiEGME (FSII) and the like. All tests have now been successfully completed and the CDF-X monitors have been certified in accordance with EI-1588 specification.

Advantages CDF-X:

  • No SAP or any other absorbent material that could potentially contaminate the product
  • Effectively contain dirt/particles, emulsified and free water.
  • Effective up to 22 PSI (1.5 bar) differential pressure
  • New filter material does not swell and does not give extra resistance to the liquid flow.
  • Larger filter surface, so longer tool life (possibly longer than the current JIG maximum of 12 months)
  • Bacteria and other possible contaminants (algae, fungi) are filtered out by the CDF-X. This is a big advantage for companies that also de-fuel!
  • Resistant to FSII
  • Much better efficiency than the SAP filters
  • The increase in DP due to water pollution is canceled once the system is restarted.

Artemis 1 is the first step to get humanity back on the moon as part of the U.S. government-funded Artemis program. As part of the Artemis 3 mission, humans are scheduled to land in the Moon’s south pole region in 2025. For this mission, Witzenmann Aerospace, as a partner of the Ariane Group, supplies components for the control valves for the fuel supply of the 8 backup thrusters and the 24 engines for attitude control of the European Service Module (ESM) of the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (Orion MPCV)

“We are very proud to make a contribution to humanity’s path back to the moon and beyond with components from Pforzheim that meet the highest safety requirements,” says Michael Weber, Head of the Witzenmann Aerospace Business Unit. “The fact that Witzenmann is a reliable partner of the Ariane Group with high-quality products and innovative technology ‘Made in Baden-Württemberg’ in this international program once again confirms the competence and international competitiveness of the Witzenmann Group.”


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