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Capturing CO2 (Carbon Capture) in the race against climate change

In the race against climate change, capturing CO2, also known as Carbon Capture, is a serious topic. With this technique, CO2 is captured directly from the air or from gas streams, so that the amount of CO2 that ends up in the atmosphere can be greatly reduced. The captured CO2 can then be used in various processes, such as in greenhouses, be pumped into the ground or it can be stored as a solid under extremely cold temperatures.

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Smooth flushing

The CLA-VAL ECO 32-27 is a flushing valve designed to Open/Close valves allowing smooth flushing of a pipeline or network. The user defines the Opening/Closing times. Programming is time based only. Water velocity through the valve is controlled by adjusting cover mechanical opening control. The electronic controller e-Timer-33 is programmed according to customer needs.

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Success in the third generation

Endress+Hauser looks back on seven eventful decades

Endress+Hauser went into its special anniversary year with momentum. In 2022 the measurement and automation technology specialist increased consolidated sales by almost 17 percent to more than 3.3 billion euros. Nearly 16,000 people are employed worldwide by the Group. The family-owned Swiss company also has a confident outlook for 2023, a year in which it is celebrating its 70th birthday.

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From CO2 to hydrogen

Another common application is the capture of CO2 in the production of hydrogen. Most hydrogen is currently still produced on a natural gas basis, so-called grey hydrogen. By capturing the CO2 released during this process, blue hydrogen is produced, which has a significantly lower impact on the environment.

Protecting sensitive equipment

CO2 is usually captured by absorption or adsorption, whereby a liquid or granulate assimilates the CO2 and removes it from the process stream. Eventually this process saturates and the ad/absorbent must be renewed. For granulate, this is done by differences in pressure or temperature, as a result of which the CO2 is released in pure form. With liquids this is often done by a stripper. In the latter case, a lot of sensitive equipment is involved, such as pumps and heat exchangers. Filters are of great importance to properly protect this sensitive equipment, by fine filtration against particles or liquid/gas coalescers to remove liquid from gas streams. These types of filters are also used in absorption to protect the pumps in particular.

Use of old natural gas wells

When CO2 is introduced into the earth’s layers, for example in old natural gas wells under the North Sea, it must be ensured that the quality of the CO2 is extremely pure in order to prevent damage and contamination of the earth’s layers. This can be prevented with a special membrane filter, which can also remove very small particles from the CO2 stream. BETA industrie advises and provides all filters involved in the efficient and safe capture of CO2 from various sources.


  • Main Valve Hytrol
  • Flow Clean Strainer
  • Electronic Autonomous Controller E-Timer-33
  • Mechanical Lift Limiter

The CLA-VAL ECO 32-27 Flushing Valve with Electronic Autonomous Controller e-Timer-33 is the ideal solution for optimizing and remotely controlling your blowdown campaigns and thus preserving optimal water quality, whatever the problem.

From start-up to global player

On 1 February 1953, Georg H Endress and Ludwig Hauser officially registered their enterprise. The company has since grown from a two-man operation to a leading global provider of process and laboratory instrumentation, automation solutions and services. The Group boasts sales and support organizations in 125 countries and manufactures in all major economic regions, thus making the family-owned company a genuine global player.

Strong growth, positive outlook

“2022 was marked by strong growth. We continued to reliably support our customers despite strained supply and logistics chains,” reports CFO Dr Luc Schultheiss. Thanks to a further increase in incoming orders, Endress+Hauser is heading into its 70th anniversary year with strong momentum. “We expect double-digit sales growth in 2023 as well,” says the CFO. The company is looking to create new jobs around the world and is planning to invest heavily in buildings and equipment.

Focus on long-term success

Endress+Hauser has nearly doubled its sales volume in the last ten years and grew its headcount by more than 50 percent. Far more than 1.5 billion euros from the Group’s own financial resources was invested in new buildings and equipment in the same period. “Our customers value us, our employees are dedicated to the company and our shareholders think long term,” emphasizes CEO Matthias Altendorf. “We can be proud of what we have achieved and can look into the future with confidence.”

Anniversary celebration

Employees will be celebrating the Group’s 70th anniversary through both small and large events and activities all over the world. From 26 to 28 June 2023, Endress+Hauser is inviting customers, partners and industry experts to attend the Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland, to jointly discuss the sustainable transformation of the process industry.


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